A Healthcare Professional’s Guide to Making Time for Family

One of the most difficult issues we face today is how to balance work and family life as a healthcare professional. Work-life balance is critical, according to Dr. Godwin Ofikwu, but making time for family must be a priority. It’s critical that you set out time each day for your family and prioritize them as your first priority. Tips and resources to help make this process simpler are provided below.

You might lose 152 days of your life if you don’t prioritize your time as a healthcare practitioner. In order to maintain a healthy work-life balance, you must set aside time each day to complete all of your responsibilities. These time management ideas might help you get the most out of your days. They should take a break every day or an hour out of their day to replenish their batteries.

Make a list of all of your duties so that you can prioritize them effectively. For each activity, estimate how much time you’ll have. What absolutely must be accomplished today, and what can you put off until the next day? Make a list of all the chores you have to do and categorize them into urgent and non-urgent ones. Delegate some of your duties if you are overburdened. Keep in mind that non-urgent chores will not be completed as fast or effectively as those that must be completed right now.

Dr. Godwin Ofikwu reminds busy healthcare professionals that recognizing and addressing the needs of their patients is one of the most difficult responsibilities. Chronic pain is sometimes overlooked by patients who report discomfort, but it’s crucial to remember that acute pain often takes priority. Osteoarthritis patients are unlikely to have the classic symptoms of acute appendicitis, such as nausea and fever. Patient B’s symptoms were unexpected, and through critical thinking, the nurse was able to determine the urgency of her treatment.

Bryant was recently interviewed by the Gazette on his personal and professional experiences. The Gastonia native attended Gardner Park Elementary School, Grier Middle School, and Ashbrook High School while growing up in the city of Gaston. The memories he had of Gastonia and medical school came flooding back to him. A journalist once inquired as to whether or not Gaston County Schools had adequately prepared him for a career as a doctor. After the football season concluded, Bryant said that he altered his academic path. He attended Wake Forest University’s medical school after earning his bachelor’s degree from North Carolina State University.

Dr. Godwin Ofikwu values his family above his work. However, even though he only works three days a week, he doesn’t ignore his family in the slightest bit. In his spare time, he spends much of it with his loved ones. In addition to his regular workouts, he does yoga and other forms of physical fitness. In addition to being a terrific role model, his counsel should be followed by busy healthcare workers.

When you’re juggling a rigorous job, school, child care, and personal care schedule, it may be challenging to strike the perfect balance. Setting limits and asking for assistance are essential, but it’s also necessary to be nice and realistic. You can’t have an even keel all the time because occasionally your ill kid needs your whole attention. If you have a tight deadline, you may have to give up some time with your family.



Dr. Ofikwu’s desire to serve people began at a young age, and he immediately realized that being a surgeon would allow him to pursue that passion.

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Dr. Godwin Ofikwu

Dr. Ofikwu’s desire to serve people began at a young age, and he immediately realized that being a surgeon would allow him to pursue that passion.